Flow cytometry resource hub

Here you’ll find what you need to keep on top of the latest developments in flow cytometry. Get tips and tricks from our flow cytometry blog, as well as a wide selection of protocols and application notes. We also highlight important scientific reports and publications from your peers, as well as upcoming flow cytometry webinars and tutorials.

Helpful product-specific information can also be found in the Technical Resource section, such as our spectral viewer poster, technical specification information on our VioDyes, and more.

Designing a multicolor flow cytometry panel? Our Antibody Panel Builder in the Tools section will optimize your selection to match your multicolor phenotyping needs.


Blog for flow cytometry

Tips and tricks, as well as helpful posts on flow cytometry topics. read more

Applications and protocols

Applications and protocols for flow cytometry

Find protocols and application notes for your specific research applications. read more

Videos and tutorials

Videos and tutorials on flow cytometry

Our video and tutorial section contains helpful webinars on flow cytometry applications, such as immunophenotyping or ES and iPS cell characterization, as well as videos on the MACSQuant Instruments' unique features such as autolabeling or 96-well sampling.

read more



我们的产品适用于多种前沿领域的研究,包括免疫学、神经科学、干细胞研究、肿瘤研究和药物开发等。 read more

Technical resources

Technical resources for flow cytometry

Explore helpful wall posters, such as the fluorescence spectra overview poster, reagent techincal documents, and instrument specifcations. read more

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